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Ace Fence Company originally started in the San Gabriel Valley in 1949. In 1988 the company was acquired by America Tang, who has owned and managed this company since 1988 until today.  Ace Fence Company jobs are comprised of 95% Public Works and 5% Commercial and Industrial work. We are signatory to a collective bargaining agreement with the Southern California District Council of Laborer’s and its affiliated locals. Our company is one of California’s earliest generation of fence contractors, providing our engineering expertise in fencing and sharing our resources to serve the Southern California Community in all their fencing needs since 1949. Our specialized crews are well known for its dependability, diligence and dynamism to provide the best service we can give. The camaraderie of our workers have fostered a unique team who is proactive on the daily delivery of the most intricate fence work and will eagerly perform the tasks with the zeal deserving of all Ace’s customers.We have built and maintained a high reputation as a fence leader in the Southern California region, and we serve as fence consultants to many local agencies and major Engineering firms.Ace covers the areas from Santa Barbara down to the Mexican Border. Our firm is certified as an MBE, WBE and SBE. Ace Fence Co. is listed in the Top 100 Women Owned Companies in the Los Angeles County since 1990.One of our largest projects was the construction of the Electrified fence for the 105 Century Freeway spanning from the 605 Freeway to Los Angeles International airport. The median barrier chain link fence on both sides of the Metro Green Line was proudly installed by our experienced staff; 34 miles of fencing completed within 45 days. Our projects have become historic landmarks for the great City of Los Angeles and surrounding Cities in Southern California.


Fundamental to Ace’s reputation is providing high quality construction services on time and within budget, and has been elemental to maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients, subcontractors, architects, consultants, lenders, and governmental agencies, many of which go back several years.A number of our projects are large in scale, but Ace’s operations retain the intimacy of a family-based business. The principals of the firm are well-versed in the details of each project at any given stage of construction. A dedicated team is assigned to the life of each project, but clients always have a depth of in-house resources they can rely on through the duration of the project that includes:

  • Value engineering with a focus on feasibility and optimal economic return
  • Site safety
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Working hand in hand with the Owners and General Contractors and finish each project efficiently, on time and on budget
  • Technical and material expertise

The partnership that develops between project team and client guides the building process each step of the way, from pre-construction planning and risk analysis, to feasibility and construction phase, all the way through to completion and certificate of occupancy.