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Griffith Park – Bicycle Wheel Pedestrian Overpass

City of Los Angeles – Public Works Department

General Contractor:
Griffith Construction

Bicycle Wheel Pedestrian Overpass over Los Feliz Blvd. in Glendale, CA

Scope of Work:
Guardrails on both sides of a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Los Feliz Blvd. Guardrails went up a walkway and a ramp on both ends. Atop the bridge section, two giant Bicycle Wheels welded on top of the bridge served as gateways into the bridge. This bicycle trail runs alongside the Los Angeles River and the Santa Ana – #5 Fwy.

Project Description:
Two giant Bicycle Wheels complete with its rims and spokes towers on both ends of a pedestrian bridge. The wheels have a 25’ diameter, were fabricated at the Ace Fence yard in the City of Industry. The wheel was split into 4 sections for ease of transportation to the galvanizing plant and to the jobsite where they were welded into one piece. To this date, these two giant Bicycle Wheels perched on both ends of the pedestrian bridge over Los Feliz Blvd. is still one of the Scenic places decorating the panorama of the Greater Los Angeles area.