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Los Angeles Zoo

City of Los Angeles

General Contractor:
Royal Construction, Corp.

Los Angeles Zoo – Reptile & Insect Interpretive Center

Scope of Work:
• Alligator Barrier Fence – 1 x 6 wood fence with steel posts – 123’
• Rustic Themed Wood Fence – 1 x 6 Distress Eucalyptus Wood for Rustic Theming – 30’
• Rustic Visitor Barrier Fence – 3’6” High Peeled Wood poles & Rails; Eucalyptus Salinga Grandis Poles imported from Kenya, Africa. – 377’
• Post and Rail Visitor Barrier – Natural wood round with bark – 20’
• Free protection Cable – 3/8” galvanized cable – 36’
• Bridge Railing – wood guardrail – 4×8 & 4×6 wood toerail; Ipe wood, also known as “Pau Lope” or “Ironwood” mill edges – 171’

Although quantities were not large, the variety of different types of very specialized wood made this project one of extreme challenge for Ace’s staff. Our project managers had to plan way ahead and order just the right amount of materials months in advance since they had to be custom ordered to our dimensions and specifications and the order was coming all the way from Africa. Our staff certainly made good use of all their previous years of experience and lots of ingenuity to complete this project.

The scope of work carried Ace Fence staff through the Alligator Swamp, the Arroyo Lagarto Exhibit, the Tortoise Enclosure and the Oak Woodland Pond Exhibit.

Next time you take a visit to the L.A. Zoo we invite you the see the beautiful contribution done by the new “craftsmen” of Ace Fence.